Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Buckingham HeraldTrib Today Oct. 3, 2007

Quite a bit on the site today. As always, you can just scroll down from here and see everything (it’s all here), or you can click the links below. So long you read, I don’t care how you get there!

Look to the right hand column and scroll down a bit to find the new Arlington-specific, Google-powered, Search Engine. It’s lots of fun to use; the links that Google finds are all in Arlington—government, arts, news, schools, etc.—so you know if you type in “Ballston” you won’t get links in Oregon, or something.

It’s a beta version of the search, and I’ll be updating which sites get searched all the time. The one annoying part is that currently, you hit search, wait for the page to regenerate, and then SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN the page to see the results. (Sorry for that, I’m trying to get it fixed, but haven’t had the time, just yet.)

I had higher-than-normal traffic on the blog Monday, which makes me think people were interested in what happened at Josh Ruebner’s “Meet-n-Greet” which was completely unattended. I’m glad people do really care, but as I wrote in “Skunked,” Buckinghamsters have to show up to these events to let officials know we really do care.

Don’t forget: TONIGHT—DRC MEETS regarding the N. Glebe Road intersection with N. Pershing Drive.

Today’s Headlines:

  • Police Secure POA for Glebe/Pershing Corner
  • Police Notes for Buckingham

  • Headlines from Earlier This Week:

  • Skunked! No one came to the Josh Ruebner “Meet-n-Greet”—read my reaction, and the comment at the end of the story.
  • Ruebner Continues Call for Housing Authority. Read the interview with Mr. Ruebner. Email to get a transcript.
  • McMenamin to “Meet-n-Greet” in Buckingham. Check your calendar now for this event, Oct. 14.
  • TONIGHT! DRC to Meet Regarding Glebe/Pershing Redevelopment.
  • Is This Fall?
  • Letter: Writer is FOR Mini-Golf Outside Ballston Mall Make sure you check out the comments at the end of this one—it have gotten a few.
  • Letter: Chicken Meatloaf Unveiled! You may recall the story about the PTA potluck—well, the chef of the mystery dish responded. Excellent.

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