Thursday, September 27, 2007

Letter: Writer Decides FOR Mini-golf


You might recall that I was against making a quick objection to the idea of the miniature golf course. I was not prepared to vote, and I wanted time to consider the idea.

[To read the original story and the comments on it, click here. --ST]

After speaking to many of my neighbors at the Carlin, (and their family members), I have now made my decision.

I went to two other golf parks and found that the parks were used primarily by families with small children. Both of the parks were peaceful, and I was told that there were no crime problems near, or inside the parks. It appears that these parks attract the best of our fellow county residents.

I now believe that the golf park would make me, and my neighbors safer than we are now. The more good citizens walking around the neighborhood, the safer I feel.

Some of my neighbors mentioned that it would be nice to be able to walk to the park with their grand children. I must agree that having something fun to do in the neighborhood is a plus.

Most of the visitors would park inside the county garage. The coming and going of these cars would make our mall safer.

This greensward at the corner of N. Glebe Road and N. Randolph Street, adjacent to the Ballston Common Mall garage, may be developed into a miniature golf course.

I am now more than 98 percent in favor of the golf park. If it is built, I could enjoy standing outside of the fence and watching the little children learning to play golf. On occasion, I would also enjoy a game of golf.

I now believe the addition of a golf park to the new ice rink, would actually raise our property values. If you and I wanted to talk about something that was happening in our neighborhood, we could enjoy conversing while playing a round of miniature golf. I think you, as a reporter, might find that people open up more when they are playing golf.

The golf park would not attract a huge crowd, but it would bring added revenue to the mall. If the stores in our mall do not make a profit, we might actually see the mall go away, or worse, it might become one of those malls that have more vacancies than nice stores. More customers, particularly customers who come into the mall with their families, equals a nicer, more upscale mall for all of us.

Mick Pulliam

Mr. Pulliam is an active member in the Buckingham Community Civic Association.

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If the mall "went away" do you really think that would be bad thing? I think that would improve our quality of live tremendously. Virtually any other use would be an improvement.
Again, what about the minigolf right.up.the.street? This isn't Panama City Beach, you know . . .

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