Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Police Secure POA for Pershing/Glebe Properties

Arlington police have secured the power-of-attorney to ban people from the four-corners shopping areas at N. Glebe Road and Pershing Drive, if those people are conducting illegal or disruptive activity. Anyone banned will not be allowed back on the property for a year, said Officer J. Mike Lutz in an interview yesterday.

“I just received all notarized documents and will be relaying the information to our road officers. Hopefully, we can begin to see a difference in quality of life issues in the near future,” wrote Ofr. Lutz in an email on Sept. 20.

“We’ve actually made a few arrests on it,” Ofr. Lutz said yesterday.

The POA stems from meetings residents had with county officials in July.

Officer Lutz said police went to the property owner, Jenco Group, so that business owners could tell customers that it was not their decision.

“It’s not the businesses who are being the bad guys,” Ofr. Lutz said, allowing them to keep as many legal customers as possible.

With this power, police who find people drinking alcohol or urinating on the property can arrest the people and ban them from returning.

“Now we don’t have to arrest the same person over and over,” he said. But can those banned still enter the property if they are conducting legal activity? “They lost that privilege,” he said.

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This is good news - as a neighborhood walker, I often avoid this area. I hope it works, and I hope I will soon be able to walk there in peace.

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