Thursday, September 27, 2007

Letter: Chicken Meatloaf Unveiled!

Stove Top Is the Secret to the Recipe (below).

Hi Steve,

I am delighted to say that I feel just a little bit famous today because of you. That was my hideous chicken meatloaf that you were courageous enough to sample and write about. [For the original story, click here. --ST]

I confess that it did look completely awful (or more so than usual). I only remembered the potluck late the night before and I was on the hook for a main dish according to the flyer. Since the only semi-appropriate meal idea I could come up with was the meatloaf using what fixings I had on hand (ground chicken and a box of Stove Top Stuffing), I decided to go ahead and attempt to make my husband’s “starving bachelor” version of meatloaf.
Stove Top...instead of potatoes. (Image: Kraft Foods.)

You mix the meat and the stuffing together with an egg or two and some ketchup, etc. and voila. I wanted it to hurry up and cook and cool since it was already after 11:00 p.m. so I spread it all out in the pan. I knew that it had a bizarre appearance and people would be stumped so I put a sticky label on it to define it.

I’m glad you didn’t find it completely revolting (or were kind enough not to say so). It was a bit dense and dry though. I figured there is some comfort in anonymity at pot lucks!

Thanks for keeping us all informed and entertained.

Allison Kennett

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