Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mike McMenamin to "Meet-n-Greet" in Buckingham

County Board candidate, Mike McMenamin (Republican), will speak to Buckingham residents at a community forum hosted by the Buckingham HeraldTrib
Sunday Oct. 14, 2 to 4 p.m.

The forum will be held at the Arlington Oaks Community Center, 4490 N. Pershing Dr. (at the corner of N. Pershing and N. 2nd Street, across N. Pershing from Culpepper Gardens). Parking is limited to on-street, so walk if you can.

Mr. McMenamin plans to bring a Spanish-language interpreter with him, so Spanish speakers are encouraged to attend.

Food and beverages will be served.

Mr. McMenamin won about 19,000 votes last year in his first run for the county board, losing to incumbent Democrat Chris Zimmerman, who won the three-way board race with over 43,000 votes. Last year was Mr. McMenamin’s first run for board over what he saw as a county government out of touch with the neighborhoods. His jump into politics started with his and his neighbor’s inability to get a stop sign erected in their neighborhood.

A member of the county’s Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee with two children in public schools, Mr. McMenamin calls himself a “details man” on his web site. His platform is focused on working with neighborhoods, having responsible, what he calls independent, leadership, and responsible spending. He particularly concerned with construction delays and budget overruns, his web site says.

The general election is Tuesday Nov. 6, with 13 seats from school board to Virginia Senate up for grabs, including two places on the county board. Five candidates are vying for those two seats.

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