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HeraldTrib Today, Jan. 30, 2008

The top story today covers the reconstruction of the K.W. Barrett Elementary School ball field. I cannot say anything more than what is in the story, so click here.

I posted news about the impending destruction of the apartment building at 461 N. Thomas St. last week. In that post I said that garbage had been left out on the front lawn and sidewalk, which it had.

461 N. Thomas St. Click to enlarge the image.

Dittmar Companies, the owner of the building, wrote a quick email asking me first to clarify that the garbage was not left for long, and could I please post a photo showing a cleaned-up front lawn. The garbage consisted of items that tenants left behind in basement storage lockers, and was gone by last Friday. (See the original post by clicking here.)

As well, a couple readers who are friends asked exactly where the building is, so I’m including this map that shows the building. 461 N. Thomas St. sits on the east side of the street between N. Henderson and N. Carlin Springs roads.

Click the various icons for more information. And click here to view a larger map.

The HeraldTrib Retail Survey has been a success. We are a little shy of 60 respondents, but as I told a friend this morning, I would have been happy with any number over 50, so I’m happy.

I don’t know if any of you taking the survey checked out the comment at the bottom of the post (click here then scroll down), but Bob Moore of Georgetown Strategic Capital, the company that wants to redevelop the corner of N. Glebe Rd. at N. Pershing Dr., has added his blessing to the survey. He wrote that he is looking forward to what the community has to say.

Originally I did not call or ask him about the survey because I really wanted it to be an independent creation, but I am happy to see that he wants the community input. The survey asks about what people in the community would like to see a redeveloped Glebe at Pershing corner.

That said, I am trying to widen the dialogue by having the survey translated into Spanish. If I can get that done, I will make sure the link goes out at least to the people on-line at the Buckingham Community Center.

If you have filled in the survey, but your spouse has not, make sure he or she does, and soon. I will shut of responses to this survey late Friday afternoon.

Speaking of all this, the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board meets tonight. The only item on the agenda is the redevelopment of the N. Glebe at N. Pershing corner. See you there.

A couple non-Buckingham items caught my attention that I thought you’d like to know about. The first is the story on-line at the Sun Gazette about the pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Arlington Blvd, just east of Glebe Road at the Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

The second is an interview on WETA's "Author Author" program. The person interviewed is a friend of mine, Richard Peabody. He is an Arlingtonian, a professor, a writer and poet. (His poem “The Morton Salt Girl” hangs in the lobby of the Morton Salt Company Headquarters. I do not think Richard would consider that his biggest claim to fame, but it always makes me smile.)

The interview talks about his publishing company, Paycock Press, and their series of anthologies by Washington D.C.-area women writers. His book of D.C.-men’s writing comes out this spring. In a shameless plug, I’ll let you know that I am in that one, so you’ll want to buy two copies. Here’s the link to the interview.

Don’t miss the police notes. Scroll down for the link.

The Week’s Headlines…
As always, you can scroll down to see all the recent stories, or simply click the links below (if the link doesn't work, scroll down to find the story, and email to tell me what's busted: Thurston).

Today's Headlines:

  • Barrett School to Get a New Play Field
  • Police Notes for Buckingham
    Headline's from Earlier in the Week:
  • Village 3 Has Five Suitors (The BV3 Working Group will try to pick the best one to renovate 16 historic buildings.)
  • A Sneak Peak at Arlington Art Center’s Latest Show (it opened Tuesday)
  • Take the HeraldTrib Retail Survey (nearly 60 people have taken this survey regarding the retail space at the Glebe/Pershing intersection—make sure you do it soon. The survey closes on Friday).
    Schools Headlines from Earlier in the Week:
  • Neither Smith’s Nor ECCC’s Proposal Wins Full Favor
  • Letter: APS MUST Plan to Increase Capacity
  • APS Elementary Schools Crowding and Capacity Links

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