Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thomas Street Building to Be Replaced

This building, at 461 to 469 N. Thomas St. is, slated for demolition. (Click to enlarge image.)

The apartment building at 461 N. Thomas St. is being prepared for demolition, and the process for what will replace it is on-going, said a Dittmar Company representative who preferred to remain nameless.

“We’re in the process of working on plans as we speak. They haven’t been finalized,” the representative said, adding later that it would be some sort of multi-family, market-rate apartment building.

Garbage left after the building's evacuation is set outside 465 N. Thomas St. (Click to enlarge image.)

Today, garbage and junk left over from the building’s evacuation is piled on the sidewalk near the front doors.

Demolition is “very much a function of the time it takes to terminate utility service” which is out of Dittmar’s control, the representative said.

County zoning will not allow for a high-rise in that space, but the plan will be to put a larger building in place.

“Any developer is going to strive to maximize the use of the property. If you don’t do that, it doesn’t make any sense,” the representative said.

According to the Arlington County Zoning Office, the building is being redeveloped “by right” meaning the company that owns the property, listed as “461 Thomas Street LC,” can redevelop the property as they wish, so long they stay within established county guidelines.

“I believe they’re just doing it by right. I don’t believe thy have any applications in on that property,” said Colin Dentel-Post, in the zoning office.

The property is zoned as an apartment district, meaning that the company can build single family homes, townhouses, apartments or condominiums, Mr. Dentel-Post said.

Thirty-three units maximum can fit on the 40,040 square foot lot, but any buildings cannot exceed either four storeys or the 40 foot height restriction, Mr. Dentel-Post said.



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