Thursday, January 24, 2008

Letter: APS Must Plan to Increase Capacity

Hey Steve,

What's been screaming out to me, the elephant in the room, is the pure demographics/population problem here - and the inanity of even considering boundary changes to solve the problem (can we say short-sighted?).

Did you see the recent AP article talking about how the US is one of the only developed nations that still has an increasing population (immigration mostly)? [Against the Trend, U.S. Births Way Up]

I mean, the capacity issue is not going away, can't just be "fixed" as everyone keeps saying. It's a moving target, and the School Board better very seriously consider PLANNING to increase capacity by use of existing facilities, especially ones that were originally built to school the baby boomers whose kids are now the cause of the overcrowding (duh! Reed, etc.). I mean, this plus immigration, it's already a tidal wave of new kids.

That's already obvious, then you add Tejada's push for accessory dwelling units, and it just opens the flood gates on population increase in the county. My guess is that policy won't get too far, however, and in no small part due to the school crowding.

These are the things I wish people were saying.

Talk later...
John Marston

For a list of regularly updated information about the schools and crowding, click here. --ST

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