Friday, January 25, 2008

Take the HeraldTrib Retail Survey

You’ve seen surveys on other news web sites, no doubt. Generally they’re insipid, asking things like whether the media’s coverage of Britney Spears is “Too much; Too little; Just right.”

Not here at the HeraldTrib.

The survey, linked below, asks you for input regarding the potential redevelopment of the intersection of N. Glebe Road and N. Pershing Drive.

Drawings I have seen, showed a lot of open retail space, and I got thinking we in the neighborhood (and nearby places) should at least let the developer know what we think, give them some ideas about what might work in that space.

The survey, therefore, asks you about three general areas of retail: restaurants, grocery, and general retail (stores/offices). It won’t take you but about five minutes, and will be a wonderful way to blow-off a little steam and have some mid-afternoon fun.

I should say that the developer has no idea that I have thought this up. The developer might have already leased all available space. The developer might not care what we think. But that won't stop me from telling him.

I also will say that I recognize that the answers here will most likely skew white and middle-class, in a neighborhood that is very Latino. Still, I think it’s worth getting some input.

Click Here to take the HeraldTrib Retail survey

Not familiar with the whole redevelopment? Here’s the skinny:

Georgetown Strategic Capital is hoping to tear down three buildings on the west side of Glebe (the buildings that currently house CVS/Ravi Kabob; Glebe Market; Popeyes/El Paso/Woofs) and replace them with two larger buildings with retail space on the ground floor and apartments above.

What will stay (according to the latest I have heard):

  • Everything east of N. Glebe Road (from the post office to Cassiana Spa)
  • El Paso Café
  • Woofs! Dog Training
  • CVS
  • Ravi Kabob (on both sides of N. Glebe)
  • Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits
    What will GO (according to the latest I have heard):
  • The Glebe Market (the grocery store on the corner)

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    Steve, i think this is a great idea; thanks for the survey. we would love to hear what people envision for the intersection. clearly, it should be a vibrant, pedestrain place with a lot better landscaped atmoshphere than exists currently. the challenge is balancing the open space feel with the need for surface parking by the merchants. Bob Moore

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