Wednesday, May 07, 2008

HeraldTrib Today: May 7, 2008

I feel the earth, move, under my feet…

This is just what it looked like from my basement.

But the sky did not tumble down. Neither did my basement ceiling, thankfully, when the tremor hit at about 1:35 yesterday.

The media are reporting 1.8 on the Richter Scale. It lasted maybe two seconds, just long enough to feel like some sort of explosion, so I did not immediately think I was living in a 1970s disaster movie. I figured the guys working on the building next to mine in Arlington Oaks had done something stupid.

A second or two later, I wondered what they could have done that would have shaken the whole house. And answered myself: nothing.

So I thought immediately of the huge crane on N. Pershing Drive, and wondered if something happened there, or if the men installing a sewer line on N. George Mason Drive had hit a gas line again, only this time with dire consequences.

When nothing looked amiss outside, I forgot about the shakes until late yesterday when a DJ talked about it on the radio.

Ahhhh, so that’s what it was.

On a flying guitar, we can go anywhere…

A painter rolls a fresh coat onto the amphitheatre. (Click to enlarge the image.)

Steve Songs, a great kids music performer, opens the Arts Al Fresco season at Lubber Run Amphitheatre this year, June 14. Workers have been giving the theatre a once-over all week.

The list of events for the summer is posted at the county site (you can find it anytime, by looking under the “County Links” menu at right).

The Metropolitan Chorus, Robyn’s Place (a WPFW Jazz simulcast), the Washington Balalaika Society, and many others, are regulars returning as part of this year’s events.

Grab some popcorn for a couple classic movies, including Rain (1932) Starring Joan Crawford & Walter Huston (June 27), and Spiral Staircase (1946) starring Ethel Barrymore and Dorothy Malone (Aug. 1).

Am I the only one who is wishing for an evening of educational videos? Let’s see nattily dressed youngsters telling each other how best to maintain personal hygiene or how home economics is best applied in the modern household. The county has not done that in a few years, and I say it is time to bring it back.

While were on about Lubber Run, did you catch the fallen tree? It blocked the paved trail on Saturday May 3, fyi.

The tree near the Lubber Run Park pavillion fell across the stream and onto the path at right. (Click to enlarge the image.)

Millions of peaches, peaches for free…

The trees are full of peaches at the Arlington Assembly of God Church. The trees were planted about a half-decade ago. At the time Pastor Richard P. Neubauer told me the idea was that people walking by could grab a peach (there are other fruit trees, too) and go, if they were hungry. We’ll see if people or critters get them first.

More to come…

A couple longer stories in the pipeline. More to come next week. In the mean time, thank you for reading.

The Week’s Headlines…
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