Friday, May 02, 2008

Leadership Training Visits Bham

AHC's Jennifer Endo with Leadership Arlington students (at right) and Buckingham Artist Ubaldo Sanchez (center, back). (Click to enlarge the image.)

Members of Leadership Arlington, a training and networking program, visited Buckingham on Thursday, May 1, as part of a lesson on consensus building.

They were scouting locations for a ficticious affordable housing complex to be built somewhere in the county. The rest of the Leadership Arlington class of 2008 visited other neighborhoods, and later in the day they got together to come to a consensus on which location to choose.

The group met for a free lunch at Tuto Bene on N. Glebe Road and then went on a walking tour of the neighborhood including a stop in a Gates of Ballston apartment.

Jennifer Endo, of AHC, Inc., which owns the Gates, and I took part in the free lunch. We met with Ubaldo Sanchez, an artist who lives in Buckingham Villages Apartments, and Connie Freeman of the Buckingham Community Outreach Center along the way.

According to Suzanne Grant, a participant who helped organize the day, ultimately, two groups in Leadership Arlington chose the Columbia Heights West neighborhood for the housing complex, and three groups had Buckingham in the running. Ultimately, they could not get a consensus, Ms. Grant said in a subsequent interview.

"The purpose was to experience the process of consensus building," she said, adding, "and how unrealistic it would be to do something like this in one day."

According to their web site, "Leadership Arlington is a 10-month, tuition-based program that provides a forum for the business, nonprofit and public sectors to discuss the issues and opportunities facing Arlington, Virginia while enhancing personal and professional leadership skills."

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