Monday, May 05, 2008

Kids Danced, Sang, Performed. (Fun Had By All!)

Nothing brings out the video cameras like performing children. Last Thursday (May 1) was no exception as the K.W. Barrett Elementary Schoolers put together a great show under the direction of Mary-Hannah Klontz, the music teacher. Below is a two-minute video for those of you who missed the fun.

Also on slate for the night was the Barrett PTA booksale, and school-wide, poster-style presentations of student writing.

I must apologize, however, to the upper grades as they are not in the video. Organizers kicked parents out of the cafetorium after the K-2 performances, and by the time I got back to shoot some video, I heard, "Thank you and good night" and therefore had missed the performance of the third through fifth grades.

I am sorry for that. What follows is two minutes of the younger children, including, I will admit, my daughter, sporting her Leather Tuscadero bangs.

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The far-away grandparents thank you for the video!!

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