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HeraldTrib Today: Nov. 7, 2007

Well, the elections are over; see the Buckingham precinct returns below. One interesting surprise for me: Josh Ruebner, Green Party, took 80 votes this year in the Buckingham precinct. He took 81 votes last year. This year, however, Buckingham only cast 957 votes for the two seats on the county board. Last year it was 1347 votes for one seat.

Mr. Ruebner’s take was not only very interesting for its unchanged number (was someone sick this year?), but also for the fact that he gained two percent in the process.

Mike McMenamin’s bid for the office moved in the opposite direction. His 215 votes this year was only about 22 percent of the total, where his 357 last year was about 26 percent in Buckingham. My endorsement obviously helped.

By way of comparison, in 2003, the last year the full legislature was up for re-election all-at-once, about 25 percent of all registered Buckingham voters cast ballots; only about 19 percent turned out this year.

The couple of people interviewed at the Buckingham polling station (the K.W. Barrett Elementary School gymnasium) said they did not have any burning desires, no issue or person who drew them strongly to the electronic ballot box.

A woman who only gave her first name as Amy said she just votes every time. Joe Griffith of Thomas Street said he has moved back to the area and is three months in Buckingham (liking the convenience of the neighborhood). He checked out the Washington Post coverage the night before the election and swung in to vote.

The other county board percentages in Buckingham:
Tejada (D): 41 percent.
Hynes (D): 37 percent
Warren (R): 11 percent

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  • Comments:
    I posted the following comment on your blog before the election:

    "I have absolutely no doubt that Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada will win the next election for County Board. They are both Democrats. They are putting up the most signs and sending out the most mail of any local politicians. Many (if not most) Arlingtonians consider nothing else when they vote, regardless of the issues and the personalities involved.

    That's why we have a one-party government in the County. Fortunately, the two-party system is alive and well at the state and national level."

    With all due modesty, I must emphatically proclaim that my predictions of Mary Hynes' and Walter Tejada's victories were correct.

    You don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing.

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