Monday, November 05, 2007

Police Bring the HEAT to Bham.

Nora Trodden receives detailed instructions explaining where to place her VIN sticker at Saturday's HEAT vehicle identification program. Cars wait for their window etchings behind her. The event, sponsored by state and county police, was free at the Assembly of God church parking lot.

Arlington and state police brought the HEAT to Buckingham on Saturday with the Vehicle Identification Number etching program. The program, Help End Auto Theft, etches the VIN into vehicle windows in order to deter theft, and to keep the glass from being used in a “chop shop.” People who brought cars to the Assembly of God parking lot, 4501 N. Pershing Dr., could have any window or sunroof etched for free.
Police work on the computer system at the HEAT event.

The day had a bumpy start, when computers went down, but the police were able to get back up and running.

Nora Trodden, a certified dog trainer, said she just bought her BMW motorcycle, and thought it was a good idea to get it registered. Motorcycle owners get a series of stickers to apply to various parts of their bikes.

Before etching the windows, police check the registration and the owner’s license for theft. Last year, police found a stolen car, said Det. Rich Conigliaro, of ACPD’s Criminal Investigations Division. The owner, in Philadelphia, did not want the car back. Police helped the current owner, who was not the thief, fill out all the proper paperwork to keep the car, Det. Conigliaro said.

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