Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Buckingham Precinct Notes

These photos tell the story. This first one is the space where people normally stand to hand out sample ballots:

And this one is the space where the people walk to enter the K.W. Barrett Elementary School gymnasium to vote:

Finally, this one, slightly out of focus, is the gym. OK, it is the gym at about 1 p.m. But it was rather empty after business hours, too:

Only 18.84 percent of registered voters in Buckingham turned out tonight to help send Mary Hynes for her first term to the county board and Walter Tejada back for another four years.

Arlington Forest fared a little better at 29.52 percent.

At 5 p.m. just 500 people had voted at the Buckingham precinct, and only another 129 voted before the polls closed at 7 p.m. In all fairness, some people handed out materials at Buckingham, and Geoff Schwartzman, Mike McMenamin’s campaign manager, was still “optimistic” at the entrance to the Arlington Forest precinct. (In one of life’s little ironies, the Arlington Foresters vote at Culpepper Gardens, located in Buckingham, and Buckinghamsters vote at Barrett, in Arlington Forest.)

Buckingham Precinct Notes

County Board:
Walter Tejada(D): 392
Mary Hynes (D): 352
McMenamin (R): 215
Warren (R): 108
Ruebner (Green): 80

School Board
Raphael (D): 490

Clerk of Court
Ferguson (D): 421
Kelly (R): 144

Commonwealth’s Attorney
Trodden (D): 493

Arthur: 479
Strasburg: 91

Commissioner of Revenue
Morroy (D): 493

O’Leary (D): 472

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