Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HeraldTrib TODAY: Oct. 24, 2007

"Meet-n-Greet" Turnout "astounds"; MickeyD's; Police Notes

We had another great “Meet-n-Greet,” Monday, this time with Mary Hynes, a Democrat running for the county board. Four Buckinghamsters showed up, plus a couple that Ms. Hynes brought along in case anyone needed English to Spanish translation. We must be the fastest growing political event in Arlington!

Walter Tejada’s camp has been contacting me about setting up a “Meet-n-Greet” with him. Mr. Tejada is the only incumbent running for the board. Somehow my invitation emails back in August and September were missed. We’re seeing if we can get together now. It might end up that it’s just an interview with me (with the transcript posted, of course). I’ll keep you posted.

I walked by the McDonald’s on N. Glebe Road at Arlington Boulevard the other day and saw this:

From that rubble should rise this:

I lifted that image from the county’s economic development web site. They have a great overview of the project, so I will not add my own at this point. Read theirs here.

As always, you can scroll down to see all the recent stories, or simply click the links below (if the link doesn't work, scroll down to find the story, and email to tell me what's busted: Thurston).

Today’s Headlines:

  • Fastest Growing Political Event in Arlington!
  • Police Notes for Buckingham (of course, with map).

  • Headlines from Earlier in the Week:

  • Mary Hynes: Drawing on Schools Decisions to Help Her in County Decisions (the transcript of her “Meet-n-Greet”)
  • South Arlington Civic Associations to Hold Debate
  • Missed Item from the Oct. 13 County Board Meet
  • Buckingham Bridges OK (with map)
  • Letter: Ex-Pats Reading, Would Participate!

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