Thursday, October 18, 2007

Buckingham Bridges OK

Check the map and click the pushpins to see the state of Buckingham’s bridges. All are in good health, and are not causing VDOT or the Federal Highway Administration any concern.

Two of the three have “Satisfactory” ratings. The Glebe Road bridge over Arlington Boulevard has a “Fair” rating. That’s nothing to be concerned about, said Doug Hecox with FHWA.

“Simply put, it means it’s not in any danger….It’s normal,” he said. In the 1 to 9 rating system, 9 is pretty much a new bridge that has seen little traffic, and below 5 is when the bridge starts to need more attention. “Five is normal, very, very ordinary,” he said.

The Glebe Road bridge is scheduled to be torn down and widened. This has been a long delayed project, which included a new exit ramp on west-bound Arlington Boulevard. In one earlier plan, the used car lot and its purple office building were to be taken over to allow for a merge lane.

“Efforts for replacement and widening of the superstructure, previously begun in 2000 and 2001 and then postponed due to a lack of funding, are again underway and the project is currently scheduled for advertisement in 2011 to 2012,” wrote VDOT’s Nicholas Roper in an email.

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Bridge information provided by Nicholas Roper, VDOT.

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