Wednesday, October 17, 2007

HeraldTrib Today: Oct. 17, 2007

The next (and final) "Meet-n-Greet" is set for THIS MONDAY (Oct. 22) with Democrat, board candidate Mary Hynes. Please make an effort to come. Although attendance at the most recent "Meet-n-Greet" was up an infinite percent (!) from the first Meet-n-Greet, I’d still like to see if we could do better!

Mi Pueblo, a restaurant on N. Glebe Road just yards from Arlington Boulevard is re-applying for their permit to play music; it is a yearly hoop they jump through, fyi. As well, it looks like the corner of N. Pershing Drive at Arlington Boulevard—next to Ft. Myer—is going to go under heavy construction soon, hotel space upgraded, more retail, and such. All this is according to county documents.

As always, you can click each link below to read that story, or just scroll down from here, and each story will appear as you go (do that, especially, if one of the links below doesn’t work—then email me to tell me it doesn’t work! Thanks to those of you who have already done exactly that.)

Today’s Headlines:

  • “Over in the Jungle” at Barrett’s Library Night (See the Slideshow; it is a HeraldTrib first!)
  • Police Notes for Buckingham. A man is found dead on Arlington Boulevard at George Mason Drive.

    Headlines from earlier in the week:

  • Board Approves Contract for Pershing/Glebe Intersection (related story--"Meetings..." below).
  • “Meet-n-Greet” Attendance Up Infinite Percent! (It’s a bit of Colbert Report headline writing)
  • McMenamin Says Get Back to Core Problems, and Look to the School’s Budget (The “Meet-n-Greet” interview transcribed.)
  • Mary Hynes Next on the “Meet-n-Greet” list—Don’t Miss this FINAL EVENT on Oct. 22, 7 to 9 p.m.
  • Friday Morning Rush Hour Steamrolled
  • Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings—Catch up on what the county is doing in our neighborhood.

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