Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poison Dart Frogs to a Scavenger Hunt: Barrett's Library Night

The morpho butterflies flitted and the poison dart frogs hopped through the song “Over in the Jungle” during K.W. Barrett Elementary School’s Library Night last night. About 100 people, moms and dads, kids and siblings, teachers and staff, packed into the school’s library to celebrate books, and learning and culture.

Maria Elena Prieto led everyone in the song—all 11 verses!—about different animals and what they do. The parrots squawked and the howler monkeys hooted. Ms. Prieto is the lead teacher for ESOL health, primarily at the 3rd grade level.

Afterwards, students and their families perused displays of different countries from around the world, Russia and China to Egypt and Honduras. The fun was a “scavenger hunt” where students answered questions about the different displays.
See the slideshow for a snippet of the song and some photos.

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