Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Board Approves Contract for B-ham Intersection

As expected, the Arlington County Board approved the contract with A&M Concrete Corp. to begin renovation of the intersection of N. Glebe Road at N. Pershing Drive. (See last Friday’s story on it.) The contract would have simply been recorded, along with 30-some other items ratified by the board in one fell swoop on Saturday Oct. 13, save for Board Member Jay Fisette.

He wanted to highlight the fact that this contract was a long-time in the making; the project has been in planning and development, with very little improvement to the intersection itself, over the course of seven years.

After all that time, this vote proceeded without controversy because there was nothing left to say, he said.

“This rises well beyond non-controversial to making people ecstatic,” he said.

That all the easements necessary to proceed have been signed by the property owners and county, and that all the approvals from the Virginia Department of Transportation have been received, and construction can begin, was significant, he said.

William “Bill” Roberts, who has been leading the project for the county, said in an interview today that the project can get started after the county and A&M Concrete have finished the last of the paperwork. Usually, work starts about a month after the contract has been awarded, Mr. Roberts said.

A&M Concrete will build new sidewalks, curbs and gutters, most likely starting in November and completing at most six months later. Other work on the corner includes new bus shelters, lights, trees, reconfigured parking lots and other components.

“The best estimate is that it will take less than a year to complete,” Mr. Fisette said.

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Hey Steve,
Does this project include undergrounding of utilities?
Rebecca Krafft
Yup. The only poles we'll have left on that corner will be light poles (the fancy ones like at the corner of N. Persing Drive and Washington Boulevard).

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