Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HeraldTrib Today 9-19-07

Is anyone else annoyed that Mark Warner is running for Senate? Nothing ruins his chances for the presidency more than becoming the junior Senator from Virginia. I think he’d make a great president, as I’ve written before (hit the link and scroll down to “Just Like the Rest of Us”), and I think spending time collecting votes in the Senate kills that.

When the Jim Webb, George Allen fight was hottest, Allen’s own campaign shared the number of votes that he and John Warner shared in the Senate. It was somewhere around 1,500 votes. He’d voted 1,500 times in one term in the Senate! Give those votes over to the other side to sort through and all kinds of statistical, but bad-sounding, nonsense comes out (“He voted 312 times to raise taxes!” Or “He voted to kill your children!”).

That’s why it’s so hard for Senators to win the White House; in one term they have more history than they care to share.

A little closer to home, Suzi Smith reported at the Buckingham Community Civic Association meeting that this line in the road is wonderful. It’s a “stop line” on N. Carlin Springs Road in front of the Carlin apartments. Traffic stopping at the intersection of N. Carlin and N. Glebe Road historically often blocks the driveway to the Carlin making it difficult or impossible for Carlin drivers to get out and dangerous for pedestrians in that area.

She reported that people stop for the line, and leave room, often more room than necessary. Woohoo! (And Kudos to the county staff who got that done (finally?—all children are prodigal and always welcome home.))

I can’t help but come back to my diatribe of the summer—the one says LINES ON THE ROAD DO MATTER, at least when it’s clear what the line means. Oh, don’t get me started.

Today’s Headlines:

  • Final Arts Al Fresco at Lubber Run this Weekend
  • Police Notes for Buckingham
  • Do 40 Tickets Do Good? Police wrote many tickets in July, but is there a long-term benefit?
  • BCCA to Litterbugs: You Have Two Days The civic association voted to ask the county board to change the regulations regarding trash.

  • Headlines since last Wednesday:

  • More Bad News about Ofr. Florio ACPD arrested him for assualt.
  • Barrett has 32 More Students than Expected
  • PTA Says: Get Involved
  • Buckingham Renters Get Help from Board--$1.5 million to defray expenses.
  • Fun at the ANDC Meeting (Impeach, Seize Property, etc.)

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