Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Barrett 32 Students Over Projections

K.W. Barrett Elementary School is 32 students over its projected enrollment (or “membership” as Arlington Public Schools calls it), according to numbers released by APS last week. That’s good news according to Principal Theresa “Terry” Bratt as it points to the school’s popularity and success. She reported slightly different, unofficial, numbers at the PTA meeting on Sept. 11.

“This first month, or so, there will be a little flux. We’ve been pretty much at the same numbers. We’re right around 440,” she said in a recent interview.

Of the 95 kindergarteners—the largest class in “maybe 10 years”—five or six were the children of various teachers, 60 were from within Barrett’s boundary, 20 were within the Barrett “cluster” (the group of seven other schools that Barrett also serves), and 15 students came from Barcroft Elementary School, (a school which operates year-round), Mrs. Bratt reported.

The numbers are the “seventh-day-count” for the school. APS counts students on the first and seventh days of the school year, as well as the last day of September, which will represent the official number for the school year. Barrett enrolled 384 students last year. “As you can see, we’re considerably more than last year,” Mrs. Bratt said.

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