Friday, September 14, 2007

PTA Says "Get Involved"

Back-to-School Night, Sept. 19: No Kids

Plenty to do if you’re looking to get active in the K.W. Barrett Parent Teacher Association; that theme pervaded the PTA meeting on Tuesday Sept. 11.

The PTA leaders ran through the basics of fundraising (gift-wrap sales, link your grocery-shopping card to Barrett, etc.) They spoke of curricular programs like “Book Buddies” that links adult tutors to sit and read with a child for an hour twice per week, and the “Robust Vocabulary” program that aims to bring stronger vocabulary words to the students (look to homework for a new word every week).

The best way to stay up with, and contact, the PTA if you’re interested, is to hit the PTA website, which is part of Barrett school’s website. PTA leaders also suggested signing-up for the “APS School Talk,” an email service the school system provides—general news as well as early closing announcements and other information is provided by this service. The service allows applicants to indicate which schools they would like the information about.

A short, tense portion of the meeting, Monday, was the announcement that “Back to School Night”, Sept. 19, was not going to have child care provided. A Spanish-speaking woman said, through the interpreter, that not everyone has family or friends who can watch children at that time. Or it would mean that one parent would have to stay home while the other attended the meeting.

Principal Theresa “Terry” Bratt said that she understood the difficulty for parents, “but it’s been difficult for teachers to give their presentations as well” with children present. She added that the situation in the past was dangerous for the children, unattended in the school.

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