Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday HeraldTrib!

Well, today’s it! One year. Whodathunkit?
On my birthday back in June, I had the happy news to report that the HeraldTrib made it into the Washington Post’s Sunday Source. On the HeraldTrib’s birthday, I have the happy news to report that this blog has made it onto a national journalism web site: Knight Citizen News Network, a web site aimed at informing and training citizen journalists.

The writer of that section is Arlington Oaks resident Wendell Cochran who teaches journalism at American University and has a journalism career that reaches back into the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was using the Buckingham Villages redevelopment as an example of a complex story a citizen might want to cover, when he came upon the HeraldTrib and gave me a call. (That was last Friday, August 17; we had never met each other before then. I’ll admit that I wish Mr. Cochran had found me sooner as I would have loved his feedback over the past year.)

I’ll toot my own horn a bit by reporting that while talking to me, he said he’d feel better about citizen journalism and blogging if all the sites looked like mine. (Thank you!)

And I have to thank everyone who reads the blog, especially those who have written emails, or posted comments at the end of the posts. I’m always surprised and happy when I go to an event or meeting and people tell me they read the blog. One of my neighbors told me that she prints it and gives it to some friends who don’t have a computer. That’s fantastic. So, thanks for sticking with me for a year, and for telling your friends about my site.

In the course of the year, I’ve posted over 100 times, but that’s a little misleading. When I first began to post, I only updated twice a week, so I posted two or three stories each time. I’m estimating I’ve posted a couple hundred stories about Buckingham and Arlington on the blog.

I thought I’d offer a few of my favorite stories from over the year, enjoy and thanks for reading:

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April 2007
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June 2007
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