Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Source

Herald Trib Makes The Sunday Source--June 3.

I made it into the Washington Post’s Sunday Source today, my birthday, no less! I’ll admit that it’s pretty cool to have gotten the attention. The photo they used was not nearly as bad as I had imagined it would have been.

The whole process of having my photo taken was something else, at least 25 minutes, 80 photos at the corner of N. George Mason Drive and N. Henderson Road. I snuck this one of Dayna Smith with my camera phone.

That gave her the idea to start shooting me pretending to take photos with my cell phone. They could have used one of them, and I would look foolish (yeah, I know, it’s no big step from where I am to Foolsville).

The guys in hard hats and Timberland boots, you know, guys who work for a living and were laying sewage pipe, were laughing until they finally had to ask if we were going to finish anytime soon, since they had work to get done and we were in their way.

The writer, Christina Antoniades, seemed very nice. She caught me on my cell while I was administering a final, but it was about the only time we both could talk. I paced in a hallway answering questions from her and my students while trying not to disturb the finalists in other classrooms. Still, one or two of the questions seemed like she had not really read the blog, but maybe she was fishing for a decent quote or two (I know how that goes).

Gates of Ballston: Some Tenants Feel Harassed (See Below)

Anyway, I posted a large story yesterday, if you didn’t catch it, make sure you scroll down and give it a read. I’ll have another one in that series later this week, and, of course, my Wednesday round-up.


The same thing happened to me - I would get up to take a photo of the scenery, and Dayna would take photos of me taking photos. It was pretty intense.

I'm happy to be rubbing elbows with so many great bloggers. Keep up the great work!

Just Up The Pike
Great article - congrats! We have a neighborhood blog too and it is great to see others involved. Check us out when you have time.

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