Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why I Do This

I know people out there can correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m looking forward to hearing from you), but other than me, Arlington doesn’t have someone like me. I’ve googled every combination of “arlington” and “blog” or related keywords and found little that’s so focused on our fair county. I read the local papers. The Sun Gazette, the Connection, even (as far as I know) The Examiner’s Virginia edition, doesn’t have a person, in the form of some sort of column, focused just on Arlington. The Post doesn’t have anyone so focused, even in their weekly Arlington/Alexandria supplement.

It’s high time we had one. We deserve one.

So I plan on posting about twice a week from my basement in the Buckingham neighborhood—the center of my coverage. Yet twice a week may be a bit of a stretch since the semester starts soon at Montgomery College where I teach journalism, and we’ll have to see just how much time I can devote to this space.

I don’t plan on making this simply my chance to spout opinions (we have enough of that), and I don’t plan on simply reacting to newspapers as I did in the first post. I plan on doing some of my own reporting, sometimes filling in gaps I see in coverage and other times just getting out in the community and telling people what I see happening.

If I’m any good at this (and I just might be, you never know), tell your friends and family about this site. Feel free to post a note to this blog (you don’t have to be a member or anything, just post), or email me I’ll be looking for ideas of what to write about, so let me know. And you can tell me if I’m wrong.

Good to see (read?) someone showing a sense of "community" by writing about our neighborhood. I'm David, a middle aged business professional that has resided with wife Mary in our house at N.Park Drive & Carlin Spring Rd.for 14 years. Although ours is such a densely populated area, most residents seem to shun interaction with neighbors and community. I love the neighborhood, with the exception of the ignorant souls that litter our neighborhood and those that carelessly and rudely speed down our street (N.Park Drive)- which I believe desperately needs "traffic calming speed humps", so prevalent on all the other nearby streets. Keep writing!

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