Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Herald Trib Today: Working Groups and Armed Robbers

Thanks for clicking over this way to the Buckingham Herald Trib. This is, sadly, the last post until mid-August. (OK, I’m not that sad.) I’m heading on vacation. All the time spent at the pool in the morning and the coffee shops in the afternoons has really worn me out. So, I’m done until mid- (or late-) August when I’ll come back full force.

Lots of stuff coming up, including elections of all sorts, and the Herald Trib turns one year old about the time I get back. The site will be an official toddler. Look for the party favors.

My final column for the summer will appear in next week’s Connection; make sure to check it out.

That said, I will be posting once more tomorrow. It turns out that Mary Margaret Whipple, the state senator, (D-31, the northern two-thirds of Arlington), will be appearing at the Hyde Park Condominium (Hyde Parkers and guests only, from what I understand), and I’ve been invited (I feel like Cinderella). I’ll let you know what happens, get photos, or shaky videos. You know, the usual.

After that, I’ll be gone, though I will be checking email and voice mail, so contact me if it floats your boat.

Click on Today's Herald Trib Headlines, or simply scroll down and read everything as it appears:

  • BV3 Sale and Resale to Be Studied (a working group was formed, met…)
  • Kids: Get Caught Reading in Bham
  • Police Notes (One armed robbery suspect caught…)

  • The Herald Trib from Earlier This Week:

  • “SOS” at Glebe and Carlin Springs (a new police unit sent to get speeders)
  • This Weekend at Lubber Run
  • Mosaic Park Has New Sign (so that’s what that park is called…)
  • County: Give Buckingham Clear Crosswalks (Thurston’s Editorial)
  • Glebe and Carlin Q&A (Staff responds to questions posed at meeting on intersection.)
  • Letter: I’m Tired of Being Harassed (more on Loitering, Drinking etc.)

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