Monday, July 16, 2007

Mosaic Park Has Name and Sign

If you have not noticed the newish park at the corner of N. Quincy Street and N. Pollard Street, now there is a new reason to. Mosaic Park, a combination of a small rock climbing wall and play area with an open field, got a new sign.

That park is in some dire need of trees. Perhaps a guerrilla planting operation is in order.
Yeah, a better name would be Mojave (Desert) Park. That sign isn't THAT new, it's been around since at least February.

There's talk of redeveloping the site around the adjacent Metro bus lot, but then again, a net search shows there's been talk of redeveloping that area since the early '90s.
There are not trees so that kids can play soccer or something similar. That was what was in the planning a few eons ago, anyway. A nice hedgerow might look nice, though.--ST
There need to be shade trees along the edges of the park at the very least. Right now there are trees on the 5th Road side, but new trees planted along the Quincy and Metro lot sides were never watered and most have died off. The result is a baked, brown field.

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