Thursday, July 12, 2007

Letter: More on Loitering and Drinking

“I’m tired of being harassed.”
Hi Steve,

Just wanted to thank you for the information on James Vandeputte and the code enforcement meeting. I rarely walk by Glebe/Pershing anymore because I'm tired of being harrassed and propositioned.

Is Ms. Terreros-Oronao the best person within Arlington County to contact regarding concerns?

Thanks very much -- Stacy

  • Ms. Terreros-Oronao is the code enforcer for the historic areas of Buckingham, so she handles more of the trash issues. For those issues, call: 703-228-3818.

  • If you see drinking or public defecation, etc., call the police non-emergency number: (703) 558-2222.

  • [I don’t normally post emails without a full name. However, Stacy had good reason to withhold her last name, and I can trust the veracity of the letter, so I went with it this time. I hold emails in higher regard than comments at the end of posts—if you wish to post anonymously, as this person did at the end of my “Democrats Out of Touch” post, go ahead. I will pull libelous material from the post. –ST]

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