Thursday, February 14, 2008

Survey Results: General Retail

As I wrote earlier, “Book/Magazine,” “Hardware,” and “Garden/Plants” took the top three spots. Rounding out the general retail section of choices that had double digits of responses: “Office Support/Kinko’s” (14 respondents chose it—another surprise to me) and “Beer/Wine” (11 responses). All other choices won 9 or fewer responses (there are waaaaay too many to list here; see the chart below).

This section produced some interesting comments, though:

  • “A small hardware/bike/work wear type store could work in the neighborhood. The dollar store is worthless. It would be nice not to have to go to home depot to pick up a couple dry wall anchors, fluorescent bulbs, etc.”
  • “A dance studio, such as Arlington Center for Dance, which recently moved to Falls Church—or other business that appeals to families and attracts customers throughout the day, not just at mealtimes.”
  • “Bring back Mrs. McGregor's [Garden Shop], formerly of Arlington Forest [Shopping Center], now in limboland somewhere on Wilson Blvd.”
  • “Ayers Yoga studio; place for civic association.”
  • “The area has a major security problem, as crime is high in the area. Banks have good security. One would help make the area safer. There should not be any liquor stores, discount markets, places for day laborers to visit or to loiter, or anything else that might detract from area. The shopping center should serve an upscale clientele who will complain to the authorities when a crime occurs. This will help reduce crime.”
  • “Would love to see a used CD store. Maybe Orpheus Records since he's losing his lease in Clarendon.”
  • “Ice cream” appeared three times in 16 comments.

    (Click to enlarge the image.)

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