Thursday, February 14, 2008

Survey Results: Government Offices

I admit to adding this section at the end. I was walking someplace in town, Clarendon I think, and saw that some storefront space was a governmental-type space, and wondered if people would want some of that here. So I came up with a few that I thought might have been of interest. The choices were: Police Substation; Day Laborer Site; Housing/Immigration help; Library branch, and respondents could check all that they like (so the percentages do not necessarily add up to 100).
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The police won easily with 55% of the vote (33 of 60 responses to this question). If you read this site regularly, you know that AHC, Inc., which owns the Gates of Ballston, is working with the police to find space once again in the neighborhood. Library branch came in at 40%. Thus far, I was not surprised.

“A Library Branch would be WONDERFUL, but I would not be opposed to the space being used for the other services, as I am sure they are needed,” wrote one respondent.

Responses to the other two choices, the Day Laborer/Job Training site (30% of the responses said the county should consider it) and Housing/Immigration Help (23.3%), I’ll admit surprised me quite a bit. If one-in-three people in this community really are willing to consider a Day Laborer site in Buckingham, I think that’s significant. Nearly one-in-four want to see some help with housing.

Fifteen percent of the people who responded said “The county should not put an office in Buckingham” and 3.3% said that the county should not use this retail space but find space elsewhere.

Other options that people listed in the comments:

  • DMV Express
  • Commuter store
  • Daycare Center


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