Friday, May 29, 2009

Police Notes May 22 to 28

Man sought for “enticement” of 5-year-old boy at Ballston Commons Mall…

Police are investigating an “enticement” of a five year old at the Ballston Commons Mall (read the press release here).

“It’s being investigated as an enticement” (as opposed to ¬a kidnapping) said Det. Crystal Nosal, the public relations spokesperson for the Arlington County Police Department. “It’s tough to know, when you’re dealing with a five year old, what the intent was.”

Kidnapping is when the attacker forcibly takes a person; enticement is when, as here, the attacker lures a child away. She did not know off-hand what the difference in charge would be between “kidnapping” and “enticement.”

They have not found the man, Det. Nosal said, and they have not had any other incidents.

“It doesn’t appear to be a pattern,” she said. They are checking surveillance tapes and talking to potential witnesses, the detective said.

Last week they closed for motorcycles, this week it’s bicycles in Clarendon and Crystal City…

Clarendon Cup Invitational: The Arlington County Police Department will close several streets in Clarendon on Saturday, May 30 for the 2009 CSC Invitational bicycle race. The street closings in Clarendon are listed here and can be found on the map, below:

  • Wilson Blvd., from 10th St. to N. Edgewood St.
  • Clarendon Blvd., from Washington Blvd. to N. Edgewood St.
  • Washington Blvd., from 13th St. to N. Highland St.
  • N. Highland St., from Wilson Blvd. to Washington Blvd.
  • N. Garfield St. and N. Filmore St., from Wilson Blvd. to Washington Blvd.

  • U.S. Air Force Cycling Classic in Crystal City: The Arlington County Police Department will close several streets in the Crystal City area on Sunday, May 31, for the United States Air Force Cycling Classic. Click here to find the closed streets. (None of the streets are in or adjacent to the HeraldTrib area.)

    Police Are Looking for a Few Good Volunteers…

    Arlington County Police are seeking volunteers interested in becoming sworn Auxiliary Police Officers to help satisfy this mission while giving back to their community. The support of volunteers has become a critical component of the Arlington County Police Department’s mission to improve the quality of life for every county resident.

    Arlington County has maintained a strong Auxiliary Police Officer (APO) program since 1942 to supplement full-time officers during times of need and by providing routine operational support. APOs are trained for a variety of duties that may include uniformed patrol, traffic direction, crowd control and special events. Auxiliary Officers undergo a significant amount of training similar to full-time officers to help prepare them for the duties they are assigned. The police department provides uniforms, body armor, equipment and on-duty insurance. APOs must perform 180 hours per year to maintain their status within the department.

    Arlington County plans to hold its next Auxiliary Police training session in the fall of 2009 which takes place during evening hours and weekends over a period of several months. To be considered, applicants must live in Northern Virginia, be at least 21 years of age with at least 60 college credit hours, have a good driving record, be in good health, and have no history of drug use or criminal activity. Selection of candidates is based on overall assessment of the individual’s qualification, background, interpersonal skills, and availability to support the department during periods of greatest need.

    To apply or learn more about this extraordinary opportunity to serve your community, please contact Auxiliary Lieutenant Heather Hurlock at 703-228-4057 or by visiting the county web site at

    Crime Report…

    These notes are compiled from Arlington County Police Department crime reports. They cover the reports from the Buckingham, Arlington Forest and Ashton Heights neighborhoods. The crime reports since May 21 have not been added to the Arlington County Police Department web site, so there are no hot links with these reports.--ST

    May 26: Robbery, 3800 block of N. 5th St. At 1:30p.m., a woman was walking when an unknown male approached her from behind. The suspect pushed her to the ground and stole her purse. The suspect is described as an African-American male between 30 to 40 years of age, 5 feet and 150 pounds. He was dressed in all black clothing.

    May 25: Indecent Exposure (Arrest), 3800 block of N. 7th St. At 1p.m., a man knocked on a window to attract the attention of people walking by and exposed himself to them. Brady Humphry, 20, of Arlington, was charged with Indecent Exposure and released on a summons.

    May 23: Possible Enticement, 4200 block of Wilson Blvd. At 11:50a.m., a woman was shopping at the Ballston Common Mall. Her five-year-old son was approached by an unknown African-American male. The man asked her son to walk away with him, and offered him ice cream. When the child declined, the suspect left the area. The suspect is described as an African-American male in his 20s, 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches with a medium build. The suspect had short hair and was wearing a bright yellow shirt and long black shorts.

    Click the icons and lines for more information. Red=Person-to-person crime; Yellow=person-to-structure/vehicle crime; Blue=stolen vehicle; Purple=vehicle-to-vehicle crime; Aqua=miscellaneous. A dot in the icon indicates more than one suspect or victim. Click here to view larger map.

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    Avoid the auxiliary police program--lots of issues, including two ADA grievances pending.

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