Monday, April 06, 2009

Green Party Fields Candidate in 47th District

No Republicans yet, but the Green Party last week chose Josh Ruebner as their nominee for the House of Delegates seat in the 47th District. The seat is being vacated by Al Eisenberg (D) when his term ends this year.

Mr. Ruebner ran twice unsuccessfully for the Arlington County board, in 2006 and 2007, and his platform in this race reflects his party's name.

He wants to: enable Virginia localities to tax or ban plastic bags; place a moratorium on the construction of new coal-fired electrical plants and ban the practice of mountain-top coal-mining removal in Virginia while placing a moratorium on the expansion of nuclear power and maintaining Virginia ’s ban on uranium mining; abolish the death penalty in Virginia and automatically restore voting rights for previously incarcerated Virginians, among other priorities, his campaign web site says.

Mr. Ruebner took part in a discussion with the HeraldTrib during the 2007 campaign for the County Board. Read that story here.

Republicans have yet to field a candidate.

Green Party is running Josh Ruebner.

Democrats will fight for their party's nomination, chosen by primary vote on June 9.

The five Democratic candidates in the race include:

Miles Grant; Patrick Hope; Alan Howze; Adam Parkhomenko; Andreas Tobar.

Miles Grant won the support of activist Charlie Conrad earlier this week (March 9 post).

Adam Parkhomenko won the endorsement of Virginia Sen. Patsy Ticer in the first week of March. Mr. Parkomenko earlier won the endorsement of Al Eisenberg's sons; read the Sun Gazette's story here (from Feb. 19).

Buckingham Community Civic Association President Pat Hope recently picked up the endorsement of Arlington County Sherrif Beth Arthur and others. Earlier, two county board members and a former delegate gave him their support--read the Sun Gazette story here (from Feb. 17). He has won the endorsement of Elaine Furlow (Feb. 28), a former school board member and chair, and the endorsement of Ted Bilich,Ashton Height's Civic Association President (from Feb. 19).

They all made news in the Connection on Feb. 3 and again on Feb. 25
Local Politics: Board Members Take Sides In 47th

Full Disclosure: I have known Pat Hope for years and consider him a friend.

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