Thursday, February 19, 2009

Letter: Ashton Heights' Bilich Endorses Pat Hope


I have gotten a lot of questions about whether I plan to stand for election to the Virginia House of Delegates for the position that Delegate Al Eisenberg has so ably filled in recent years. I'm writing to let you know that, as I announced at a neighborhood civic association meeting last night, I do not plan to join the race to fill Al's seat.

I deeply appreciate the encouragement that I received from so many of you. Under different circumstances, I would be sorely tempted to run. Once I learned that my friend Pat Hope was definitely running, however, I realized that I could continue to focus on my community priorities knowing that, in Pat, there was a candidate in the race who can solidly represent the interests of the 47th in Richmond.

In my role as president of the Ashton Heights Civic Association, I have worked closely with Pat in his similar position in the Buckingham neighborhood. Pat's experience, though, goes far beyond the Buckinghams. For those of you who don't know Pat, give him a hard look. You will like what you see. He's a proven leader throughout Arlington. He is a long-time resident of the 47th who understands the special issues facing our neighborhoods. He is a man of his word. As you make your decision about who to support in the increasingly crowded Democratic primary, consider who has really lived and worked in our district, who has walked its streets and represented its neighborhoods, who has demonstrated leadership across a broad range of experience, and who has actually advocated across the full breadth of issues facing our community. In each case, you will find that Pat stands out. Despite some other fine candidates in the race, there is no one more qualified than Pat to represent the neighborhoods that make up the 47th.

I look forward to continuing to work with all of you to advance the issues we care about. And I hope you will join me in supporting Pat Hope for Delegate.

All the best,

Ted Bilich
Ashton Heights Civic Association

Arlingtonians will choose the Democratic contender in a June 9 primary. Republicans have yet to field a candidate.

Buckingham Community Civic Association President Pat Hope recently picked up the endorsement of two county board members and a former delegate--read the Sun Gazette story here (from Feb. 17).

Adam Parkhomenko has won the endorsement of Al Eisenberg's sons; read the Sun Gazette's stories here (from Feb. 19).

The five candidates, all Democrats, in the race include:

Miles Grant; Patrick Hope; Alan Howze; Adam Parkhomenko; Andreas Tobar.

They all made news in the Connection (from Feb. 3).

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