Monday, January 07, 2008

Primary Demolition Completed in Village 1

Five-and-one-half Buildings Have Been Removed from the Buckingham Village 1 site.

Demolition at the Buckingham Village 1 site is completed for now, and Paradigm Construction Companies are working to build “Building A” along N. Pershing Drive, just west of N. George Mason Drive.

Five-and-one-half buildings (a total of eight-and-one-half building sections, or 21 addresses) have been torn down to make room for the 234 unit, 4-storey apartment building. One hundred of the units will be affordable at 60 percent of Area Median Income, about $57,000 for a family of four in this area.

Along with Building A, Paradigm will be installing some street-level landscaping, especially roads, said Micheline Castan-Smith, the project leader. The roads at this early stage are a fire department requirement, she said.

The space cleared in the center-left of this photo will eventually contain a park around which an extension of N. 4th Street will run. The buildings in the foreground will be replaced with townhouses. (Click the image to enlarge it.)

N. 4th Street will extend west of N. George Mason, and split into an oblong circle between Building A and Building B. Inside the circle will be a public park. The park, however, will not be completed until both buildings are completed. That is years out.

Building A is scheduled for completion by December 2009. Because of the arrangement made with Arlington County regarding this development, Paradigm cannot start Building Two or the townhouses planned for the site until after Building A is complete.

“The park will not be complete, absolutely complete…until Building B is done,” she said.

Ms. Castan-Smith said Paradigm has not yet decided whether to construct Building B or the townhouses first. The townhouses will run from N. Pershing Drive to N. Henderson Road along N. George Mason Drive.

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  • This is the plan for Village 1. Two large apartment buldings on the left, and rows of townhouses along N. George Mason Drive on the right. Click for a larger image (provided by Paradigm Development Corp.).

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