Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Village 1 Demolition Just Around Corner

Demolition on five-and-one-half buildings in Buckingham Village 1 will begin as soon as lawyers representing Paradigm Development, its investment partners, the Virginia Housing Development Authority and Arlington County finish dotting the “i”s and crossing the “t”s on the building's financing.

“If closing [on the documents] occurs this week, demolition will begin” this week, said Micheline Castan-Smith, the project manager for Paradigm. “There are no issues” for the lawyers to contend with, she said.

Click for a larger image (provided by Paradigm Development Corp.).

“Building A,” a four-storey, 234 unit apartment building (see a previous story here), will rise in the space. One hundred units will be affordable, Ms. Castan-Smith said. Families earning 60 percent or less of the Area Median Income, about $57,000 for a family of four, will qualify for the apartments.

Ms. Castan-Smith said her company expects to complete the building by December 2009. As part of the agreement Paradigm made with Arlington County, the company cannot start construction of other buildings on the property until Building A is completed. However, during the process of making the park space and other roads associated with Building A, Paradigm may need to take down a couple more buildings, she said.

The buildings being torn down covered 21 addresses, and the half-building that will remain has utilities for the rest of the complex running through it and therefore cannot be torn down yet, Ms. Castan-Smith said. People still live in the north half of Village 1.

Construction workers along N. Pershing Drive are installing the conduits to run power underground both to the new building and to Arlington Oaks Condominium across N. Pershing. A handful of utility poles will come down, a construction worker said.

A construction crew installs conduits for power and other utilities along N. Pershing Drive.

Construction crews are expected to park on-site, not on the street, and the trucks that haul away the debris will run along N. Pershing Drive, N. George Mason Drive, Arlington Boulevard and Interstate-66, avoiding the intersections near K.W. Barrett Elementary School, Ms. Castan-Smith said.

Map of the construction area. Click on lines and icons to see each of their descriptions.

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