Wednesday, December 19, 2007

HeraldTrib Today: Dec. 19, 2007

This house is on N. Trenton Street. To see a photo of it and just about every other Christmas light in Buckingham, check out the holiday lights map, below. It's awesome!

Christmas is almost here! (I love the holidays.) You must check out the single-most comprehensive site for Christmas lights in all of Buckingham. Check out the map here. (Click a snowflake and you’ll see what I’m saying.) I am sure I’ve missed a few lights out there in Buckingham, but boy am I close to having them all.

From the lights that look like they were just thrown at the windows to the ones that took some effort, you’ll find them here. If yours isn’t here, feel free to email me a photo and a general address, and I’ll post it:

The Redskins just before one of their touchdowns.

I went to New York last weekend to see the Redskins play. If you know me, you know how much I like to watch the Redskins lose. They do it with such panache, that I just love to watch it happen. Really, it’s the sick little boy still inside me that loves to watch others get all excited about the ‘Skins only to see their hopes dashed. It’s a weekly dose of Charlie Brown and the football! Every week ‘Skins fans think “This is the week!” and every week something happens.

Well, not this week, of course.

What should have been my ultimate fun, watching from the stands as the ‘Skins lost their last shred of hope for the playoffs turned into a howling cold day! The wind whipped all sorts of stuff around us, my friend Jon (a life-long Giants fan) and me. Paper bags, hot dog wrappers, even a drunken fan who fell two rows into a space a few seats down from us succumbed.

Steve and Jon, a self-portrait. (Click to enlarge the image.)

All to watch the Giants play an even worse game than the Redskins. I have to say, though, that it was so stinking cold, I’m surprised either side could pass the ball, much less catch it (OK, the Giants couldn’t catch). That ball must have felt like a brick.

Of course, it was still a ton of fun. So, congratulations ‘Skins fans, keep that hope alive!

On another note, the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board meets tonight. On the agenda is the redevelopment of the intersection of N. Glebe Road and N. Pershing Drive. Remember, this is the time that you say your piece to the county. Do not go to the County Board meeting and complain, it’s too late then. See you there!

The Week’s Headlines…
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  • House to Be Fitness/Business Center.
  • Police Notes for Buckingham (we had one pretty bad attack, see the story).
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  • BRAVO to Kip Laramie There's a nice comment at the end of that one, too.
  • Christmas Lights of Buckingham!

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