Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Lights of Buckingham

I have edited this posting some to get right to the lights. Over 80 front lawns, bushes, trees, doors and windows are featured here. Simply click the snowflakes and see what your neighbors have done.

If you know of some good lights that are in (or reasonably close to) Buckingham, email me a photo of them (or tell me the address--some way to find the house--I'll shoot a photo and get it up here).

I have crazy Christmas spirit going on around here.


PS: Click the "plus" sign on the map to get a closer view; scroll in as far as you can, or else you might miss a snowflake or two; when you have 80 or more, they fall one atop the next.

View Larger Map

Click on the snowflakes to see a photo and address.

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So nice to see our Holiday lights at 506 N.Park Drive got noticed and featured! Enjoy the BuckTrib. Thanks and Happy New Year!
David and Mary
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