Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Final Building Along Pershing Demolished

Out with the old and in with the new. The last building on N. Pershing Drive in Village 1 is being torn down today. Most likely it will be gone by the time of your evening commute.
A crew preps the pile-driver.

A half block away a crew is driving the piles for the foundation of the four-storey apartment building that will replace what is now a large dirt yard at the 4300 block of N. Pershing Dr. Gutted but still standing are buildings along N. George Mason Drive.

A man searches for a soft spot to place a metal fence post.

The fence that blew down during the wind storms at the start of Decemeber got reinforcements along N. Pershing today. A man drove pipes into the soft dirt near the sidewalks and wired the fence to them. In the photo, he’s looking for a soft spot in the macadam that remains on the edge of the site.

I must admit that it was fun to watch the concrete crusher tear down the building. I thought the operator would just rip the roof off the building. However, he drove the machine around the perimeter of the building, his tracks skidding and caterpillaring, digging up the orange-brown, clay-based mud. At each corner, he tore out the brick walls, which left the roof supported by a cross of internal walls. When that was all that was left, he pushed the roof off, and that was that.

The red pins show which buildings have been torn down. Yellows are gutted but standing buildings.

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