Thursday, December 06, 2007

Buckingham's Winter Wonderland!

The Official Unofficial Snow Count for Buckingham: 2.75 inches as shown on my picnic table in my Arlington Oaks backyard. The count was conducted at about 7:30 this morning using an “engineer scale,” no mere ruler.
The Unofficial Official Snow Measurement for Buckingham this morning, about 7:30 a.m. (Click to enlarge the image).

The measurement is accurate to within feet of the official measurement at Ronald Reagan National Airport (go ahead and choose "national" and "Dec. 5" to see if you can make sense of that link! I believe it says 2.6 inches of snow).

Celine Costa was one of many stuck scraping the ice and snow off her car this morning. The sidewalks were covered with ice, generally, in the neighborhood as Arlington Public Schools were delayed two hours. Men waited for work in the cold parking lot of the Glebe Market, where I bought a hot cup of joe from the truck in the parking lot (I can hear some people "tsk-tsking" me now for supporting those vendors, but I was cold, and I couldn't take my dog into RinConCito Chapin).

Celine Costa scrapes the ice and snow off her car this morning. (Click to enlarge the image).

Of course, the trucks in Village 1 were out in full force, and most, if not all, of the debris is gone. (Sorry, no pictures.) The place is a large, flat wasteland for now.

And this car says it all about Redskins fans:

A Washington Redskins flag sticks out above the snow covered car--like 'Skins fans everywhere, this car seems not to have given up hope. (Click to enlarge the image).

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