Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Demolition Crew Hauls Away Debris

Snow did not stop demolition crews from hauling away what is left of five buildings in Buckingham Village 1 this morning. Dump trucks lined up, were filled and drove off.
Dump trucks wait this morning as a front-end payloader fills them with debris from five demolished buildings.

One truck exited onto N. Pershing Drive, and then turned right onto N. Henderson Road, which would bring it past K.W. Barrett Elementary School, something officials at Paradigm, who are running the redevelopment of the site, said should not happen. However, this happened before school hours.

Village 1 sits on the northwest corner of N. George Mason and N. Pershing drives. Over the course of two years, a four-storey apartment complex, including 100 affordable units, and a county park about the size of a football field will be built in the now-vacant space.

Red pushpins (below) show which buildings have been demolished; yellows indicate buildings that have been gutted but remain standing. (If your computer is not showing the buildings, click the "satellite" or "sat" button on the map, and the buildings should come into view.)

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