Friday, November 16, 2007

Demolition of Buckingham Village 1 Has Begun

A building near 4411 N. Pershing Drive is the first in Buckingham Village 1 to be destroyed as part of the redevelopment of the Buckingham Villages Apartments. The building was removed from a rear courtyard near the alley that runs between Buckingham Villages and Culpepper Gardens assisted living facility.

The building is one of five-and-one-half buildings that will be destroyed in the first phase of demolition to make way for a four-storey, 234 unit apartment building. One hundred of the units will be rented at affordable rates. (For a recent story on this, click here.)

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The building itself was demolished either late last week or earlier this week, and crews have been working to remove the debris since then.

(This video was shot with a cell phone video camera, so the quality is very low.)

More stories, video and photos will be coming,though readers may have to be patient and wait until after Thanksgiving. Editing the sound and higher-quality video together will be time consuming.

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What a shame to lose all the huge trees at Buckingham Village 1, especially since the County encourages residents to preserve the mature trees. All of the full grown trees will be removed from BV1. These trees cleansed our air and moderated the air pollution.
Density is the name of the game in Arlington. The Urban Village has drawbacks: overcrowded units, trash and beer bottles on sidewalks and streets, a big increase in speeding, and off street parking. What can be done to preserve the quality of life and the cleanliness of our environment? The County Board shows no concern with this at all.
Buckingham Resident

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