Wednesday, September 05, 2007

HeraldTrib Today, Sept. 5 2007

Welcome back to the regular year. At least for me as a professor and having kids in school, the real year starts now. Even that’s odd for me as I’ll be on sabbatical (it’s an official chance to rest and study) for this school year.

But we did get both kids off to K.W. Barrett Elementary School yesterday with all the hoopla that entails. For my daughter it was a new school (she went to F.S. Key School during kindergarten and first grade), but she slipped into the new school as though it were grandma’s house. My son started kindergarten, and though he cried a bit at 8:25 a.m., he was in good spirits when I retrieved him yesterday afternoon.

One friend of ours said that her boy, a kindergartener, had a really great day, “But I’m also sorry to tell you,” he said to his mom, “it’s also my last day of school.” It was just too long!

NBC4 television was on hand to cover first-day events around the region. In this photo, Tracee Wilkins, was recording teasers for the news show, something akin to: “It’s the first day of school and we’ll have full coverage at 5:00.” She said they’d already hit Washington-Lee High School and were out to Fairfax County soon enough.

The police came to N. George Mason Drive to nab afternoon speeders who did not pay attention to the flashing “School Zone” signs. This officer ticketed at least two people during the 10 minutes that I was on the grounds.

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