Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Buckingham Commons Townhomes

You may have seen the townhomes being erected at the intersection of N. George Mason Drive and N. Henderson Road as part of the Buckingham Commons development.

“Everything is fine” with the four storey townhomes which should reach completion in February or March, said Micheline Castan-Smith, the project manager with Paradigm Companies, which is developing the property. “It’ll look like we’re zooming,” she said, and then it will look slow as the interior and finish work is completed.

Workers constructed sections of roofs Tuesday morning. The townhomes are set to open in February or March.

She said they have a couple of contracts on the homes, despite the craziness in the national housing market.

“Sales have been OK. I mean the market is the market,” she said, “The pricing is still the same.”

Sixty-nine townhomes are planned for the development which includes the parcel along N. George Mason Drive at N. Henderson Road as well as the parcel on N. Thomas Street between N. 4th Street and N. Henderson Road.

This area is called “Buckingham Village 2” and is being developed “by right” meaning Paradigm can develop the property the way it wishes, so long they stay within current zoning regulations and other laws.

This portion of the redevelopment of the Buckingham Villages was never a serious part of the negotiations between the county and Paradigm. Those negotiations lead to a memorandum of understanding between the county and Paradigm followed by a plan to raze and redevelop Buckingham Village 1 (along the west side of N. George Mason Drive), and retain and renovate Village 3 (along N. Pershing Drive between N. George Mason Drive and N. Thomas Street). The George Mason Apartments, located between the razed portions of Village 2, are not owned or managed by Paradigm.

Ms. Castan-Smith said, “We’re going to complete [townhomes that run along] George Mason and then work around to Thomas.” She said sales along N. George Mason probably will not affect development of the parcel along N. Thomas Street.


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