Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Herald Trib 7/11: Police, Fire Alarms, Intersections, Letters, Wow!

Thanks for checking out the Herald Trib. You can click the individual links below or just scroll down and read everything as God intended. By the way, somehow I let a headline post and then I didn't remove it (though I thought I did). So if you were wondering was there supposed to be words under the headline (if you happened to see it yesterday), yes there were supposed to be words, but not until today.

You’ll find stories of interest posted today, right here :

  • A Decade for Lights and Curb Cuts at Glebe and Carlin Springs (the long, drawn-out plans for renovation of that intersection)

  • Alarm and Tar Push Camps from Barrett (A false fire alarm and the smell of roofing tar force officials to move students to Washington-Lee HS)

  • Police Say Three Armed Robberies Not Connected (Three armed robberies since last Thursday. Crazy.)

  • Stories since last Thursday (the most recent email communiqué) are listed here (enjoy!):

  • Letter: Bham Needs Police on Bike or Foot

  • Little Bit of Blues at Lubber Run (including “This Weekend at the Lubber Run Amphitheatre”). I have one more photo from the concert that was lost on my cellphone/camera and I like it since the mic stands and other paraphernalia are not in the way. They are from left, Michael Baytop, Rick Franklin, Jay Summerour, and Warner Williams.

  • Democratic Leaders Out-of-Touch (my take on the Treasurer O’Leary ruckus)

  • Drinking at Glebe and Pershing (coverage of the June 27 Code Enforcement meeting)

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