Monday, July 09, 2007

Letter: Bham Needs Police on Bikes or Foot


I was generally pleased with the outcome of the community meeting held at the Gates office last week. It was good to see the Oaks management as well as the business owners. I feel that the meeting was productive in that everyone seems to want the same thing. We are all tired of the loitering and the drinking, not to mention the trash and damage left in its wake.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a lot of trash, beer bottles, food containers etc. by the sign for Buckingham Village. Someone even managed to bend the flagpole and loosen it from the ground. This makes no sense to me. Someone in that courtyard saw and heard the noise. I don't understand why no one called the police. While I have been a thorn in Paradigm's side about common area maintenance, I can almost understand their reluctance to fix things. Why bother, someone will come along and destroy it. And, save for a few tenants, no one else seems to care.

Last week, the police were a very visible presence in our neighborhood. It made a difference on N. Pershing Drive. The crowds of men who hang around the corner and in the courtyards drinking were no where to be found. It was quiet in the neighborhood for a change.

I would propose though, that our local police put some officers on bikes or on foot to work in our neighborhood. And I would also suggest that we get together with the police to form a community neighborhood watch. If we ask the police to get out of their cars and go on foot..we need to do the same.

At times, I feel as if I am bothering the police dispatcher at the non emergency number with my complaints of noise, drinking etc...I really hate to call. The police have more urgent problems to deal with. But if it takes multiple calls on multiple days...I am willing to do my part to work with the police to curb the drinking and loitering in our neighborhood.

I hope our neighborhood will be able to get together periodically to talk about our common problems. I know we can make this neighborhood a great place to live.

We just have to all work together.

Pate McCullough
Buckingham Village 3 resident

The writer is a board member of BU-GATA, the Buckingham Village and Gates of Ballston Tenants Association. --ST

I agree. Evidently we used to have a neighborhood watch in Arlington Oaks and I think we should re-start it. On a somewhat related topic, I drove by the corner of Glebe and Pershing on my way to work this morning and was stunned at the number of men on the corner--it seemed to be three times the regular number. I don't mind a handful of job-seekers now and then but why does our neighborhood have to support the day laborer market for all of north arlington? I wish that I could shop at the corner market but I refuse to run the gauntlet of young men to get there. On the whole I think they police themselves rather well, but several years ago I received some unkind remarks while walking through them from the metro and so I won't walk that way anymore. There are also increasing numbers of men hanging around CVS which also bothers me when I am trying to shop there. The loitering, combined with the trashy look of the still un-fixed Glebe and Pershing intersection really really annoys me and makes me feel like the county cares little about our neighborhood.

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