Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Post Office Changes, Police Notes

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Missing Copier a Harbinger of Post Office Changes
The black smudge on the wall of the Buckingham Station Post Office where the photocopier used to stand had me on the phone to Jacquelyn Greco, the Buckingham Station manager, asking if improvements to our post office were in the offing.

Yes, they are.

The postage vending machine remains, but the copier is gone.

She said she saw preliminary drawings of the renovated lobby space about three weeks ago. The space will be much, much larger, when the wall directly across from the front doors gets pushed back another 30 feet. A fourth person will work behind the front desk, and more post boxes will be added, Ms. Greco said. She said a newer retail space will be built with a wall of self-service items such as boxes and other items within reach of customers.

“We don’t know exactly when [the renovation] will start,” she said. The drawings of the space will not be made public until they are submitted to the county for approval, she said.

The letter carriers and the trucks they drive, along with people who help distribute the mail, have moved permanently to the main post office on Washington Boulevard, opening space in the back rooms of the Buckingham Station that will be converted into lobby space. (For more on this, see the Feb. 22 post—click the link then scroll down to that date and to the Feb. 28 post which has a letter to the editor concerning this story. I’m going to fix the scrolling problem soon).

There will be a new copy machine to replace the one that Ms. Greco removed.

“I was issuing too many refunds,” she said, adding, “We’re getting all new stuff.”

Except, apparently, an “Automated Postal Center,” which would allow customers to place a package on the scales, buy the postage and mail it without speaking to another living human. The station does not have enough domestic postage traffic to support the machine. The largely Hispanic population of Buckingham buys money orders or international postage, Ms. Greco said.


Police Notes for Buckingham

Nothing to report this week—first time since late April!

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