Thursday, February 14, 2008

Survey Results: Restaurants

Thirty-five of the 67 respondents checked that they “most wanted” a café/coffeeshop/bakery, that is 52.2%. Sit-down family-style restaurant came in second with 20.9% of the vote. Five people chose “we do not need another restaurant.”

What’s intriguing, too, is that 26% of the respondents on the last question of this section chose “I do not want this type restaurant” for upscale restaurant. This was a question that asked whether you wanted a chain, or locally-owned joint. Better than one-in-four people out there do not want Chef Geoff (or any other haute cuisine connoisseur) to open his next place in Buckingham.

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Also, on the point-and-click portion of the survey, people favor the independents, but they are willing to consider the chains, if the written comments are any indication.

“Though I said independent, you can never have enough Dunkin' Donuts!” wrote one respondent.

And what they most want is American food (36.4%). The other ethnicities listed were rather evenly distributed, though Italian (12.1%) and Indian (9.1%) were a little better than say “African.” “Other” took second place. Here’s some of what 15"Other" people wrote in the comment field:

  • “Corner Pub/Tavern”
  • “French! A true coffee shop/bakery that is NOT Starbucks. Maybe Java Shack or Murky wants to expand???”
  • “A decent quality deli.”
  • “Deli/Sandwich shop type food. For example, Cosi/Panera/Pot Belly's type restaurant with sandwiches, soups, salads, etc., but wouldn't need to be these specifically.”
  • “Coffee shop/cafe something that is not Starbucks would be great! Cheap cup's of drip for the working class and baristas pulling shots for the yuppies that'll be flooding the neighborhood. Bagels? Good soups?”
  • “There are a number of ethnic restaurants in the area that are terrific. However, I'd a place where we can walk and get American food.”

    I left a comment section where people could suggest restaurants. Here are some of the 16 responses:

  • Olive Garden
  • Noodles & Co
  • “I would like a restaurant where I can take my children, maybe sitdown and takeout like the Liberty Tavern.”
  • “Starbucks would be wonderful!!!”
  • “Trader Joe's, Yes Organic Market, Murkey Coffee II, Dunkin Donuts!, Cosi, Chipotle, Mom and Pops welcome!”
  • “I don't want a chain like Starbucks but I would like a place that will attract young professionals. Something like Talula and Wine Bar would be nice.”
  • “Lebanese Taverna, Julia's empanada's, I am open.”
  • “Still don't need another restaurant.”

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