Thursday, February 14, 2008

Survey Results: Grocery Section

As reported, Trader Joe’s was the winner in this section with 64.2% of the vote. The next closest response is the comment section, at 11.9%, in which people extolled the virtues of Trader Joe’s.

Seven people chose “Yes, Organic Market” while 6 chose “Locally-Owned Store.” No one chose a “7-11 style” convenience store or “ethnic grocery.” Three of the 67 respondents said the neighborhood does not need a grocery store at all.

Eight people left comments at the bottom of the section:

  • “I used to live in Old Town a couple of blocks from Balducci's. I loved that store! So I wouldn't mind having a place like that here.”
  • “I don’t care about the above [selections] EXCEPT no 7-11 please.”
  • “I know the space isn't big enough for a Costco, but I'd love to have another Costco nearby to ease the crowding at the Pentagon City one.”
  • “Trader Joe's/Whole Foods/Yes!” [Five of the eight respondents gave kudos to the Trader Joe’s space.]

    The one thing people thought any grocery store in Buckingham did NOT need was a soda fountain (only 6.6% of the people checked it). After that, people wanted it all, from fresh produce (93.4% of the people said they wanted that) to Fresh Meats (68.9%), to a Deli (50.8%). Other choices did not fare as well, but were still significant, people want Canned Goods (45.9%), Latino Foods (37.7%), and Bulk Items (27.9%).

    (Click to enlarge the image.)

    Quotes from the “what else would you like to see in a grocery” area (24 responses):

  • “Something like Trader Joe's - organic and gourmet, but inexpensive.” [“Trader Joe’s” appeared seven more times in these comments. To be fair, five of the eight who remarked here might be the same five as in the comment section above.]
  • “I'd love to see a store that did NOT serve any alcoholic beverages...”
  • “Clean, family friendly, affordable for locals.”
  • “Cheese (good cheese, properly cared for)”
  • “Parking issues addressed. There is very little there.”
  • “A small, clean deli/grocery. (A NYC-style grocer.)”
  • “Large organic selection of all types of foods”
  • “Whole Foods” appeared once.

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