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HeraldTrib Today: July 8, 2009

Trying not to sound like Sarah Palin, but the hiatus starts today...
Well, those of you who follow the blog know that I have not posted anything much in the last two weeks. That’s just how the summer has to be for me (see a list of recent posts, below). I’m realizing that more than ever now. Once the kids are out of school, they become my focus. Plus, my house needs work!

It’s tough, too, to make the argument that I must keep up this blog. It’s time consuming, and I get no money for it. I use it as professional development. That has been my largest argument—I stay up-to-date on media trends, and I keep covering stories so that I can, with more authority, tell my journalism students at Montgomery College how it’s done.

That’s the problem, though. I spend enough time at the blog that I don’t have time to prepare classes as fully as I would like. In short, I don’t have time to fully engage either as a placeblogger or as a professor. I can’t make the money off the blog that I would need to make, and I spend many hours blogging while worrying over papers to grade or wondering what more I could be doing with my students (or, as now, thinking about the screen door I must install, getting my daughter to camp, and getting both kids to the pool for races and lessons).

So, I’ll be going on hiatus now, immediately (geez, I feel a bit like Sarah Palin suddenly, and I hope I don’t sound as much like a quitter as she did). I need time to regroup and figure out how to balance everything, and of some imporatance, how to make money at this.

I’ll still be attending events and meetings, and such, and I hope to be back in September with fresh posts, maybe a fresh perspective. Maybe an Angel Investor?? I’d take one.

A couple thoughts on the Arlington Public Schools...

Before I go, I wanted to give my two cents to the new Superintendent of Arlington Public Schools. Dr. Pat Murphy is meeting with people in living rooms across Arlington this summer, and I must say it irks me, a touch. This is one of those times when you need to know something is available in order to take full advantage.

Anyone can contact the people who own the living rooms and go, so long there is space left in their living rooms (for contact info, click here). However, to be one of the people whose living room is used, you must have known to ask APS for the opportunity. That is, people who knew to call APS to set-up a meet-n-greet were able to set one up. APS tells me now that the space in Mr. Murphy's calendar is full.

Three of the meetings are at public venues with plenty of space (Arlington Education Center, Macedonia Baptist Church and Courthouse Plaza), but the rest are living rooms, with limited space. Only one lists Spanish translation (though others might have it).

I’ve put myself on the list should space for another arrive, and I plan to contact some Buckinghamsters to see who might host (I’m thinking either the Gates of Ballston Community Center or the Arlington Oaks Community Center), and you can bet I’ll get a translator. Sheesh.

Even if I do get asked to set-up a meeting, I still think there has to be a better system for setting the calendar.

At the same time, Arlington Public Schools adopted new facilities use plans that seem more clear and look fair to me.

The Week’s Headlines…
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Today's Headlines:

  • County Board to Take Up a Number of B'ham Items, Saturday.

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  • Police Notes for June 13 - 30; the police notes were updated on July 8 to include a few missing items.
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